4 Ways Salon Owners Can Use Social Media For Debs

Image result for school formalsBy now, you may have read all about how to market effectively for your small business during Formal/Debs season. Social media accounts for a huge portion of Formal/Debs marketing, so it’s essential that your beauty business knows the ins and outs of popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The best part? These social media platforms are free to use–meaning that your beauty business will surely gain customers without worrying about going over budget.

Don’t have a clue where to start? No worries! We’re about to share some of our favorite social media tips your beauty business needs to maximise profits this Debs season.

1. Amp up the visuals.

Your customers don’t want to just hear about your beauty business’ Debs promotions and services; they want to see them in action. For example, try posting sample hair and makeup ideas for Debs day. This way, customers will feel as if your beauty business is helping them with the big day, which will lead to increased loyalty and business. And, when Debs -goers see the results they could have, they will be lining up at your door.

2. Create a social media contest.

For this Debs season, engage with your customers by creating a social media contest. Try a raffle: ask your followers to share their favorite hair and dress combinations on social media, and choose a few lucky customers to win prizes or gift cards from your beauty business. Customers will love being able to share their best Debs looks, especially if there is a chance to win. Need some inspiration? Take a look at our contest that we launched last week!

3. Use #hashtags.

After establishing certain Debs promotions and bundled packages for your beauty business, make sure to publicise these awesome deals by creating an original hashtag. Hashtags offer a way for customers to find and engage with your small business on social media. And, using a hashtag will spread the word about your beauty business’ new Debs services and products.

4. Post on all the social media platforms.

So, your beauty business has decided to institute new special promotions for Debs season. But, in order to be effective, these promotions need to reach any and all types of audiences on social media. If your beauty business has various social media accounts, utilise all of them when promoting Debs deals and services. By using a variety of popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you’ll attract many different types of customers – which means more money for your business this prom season!