5 bloating remedies to ease discomfort

5 bloating remedies to ease evening discomfort and calm stressed stomachs. And the food that can exaggerate the issues

You start the day soaring. You’ve clocked up the right number of hours’ sleep, you’ve popped a lunchbox of overnight oats in your gym bag and you’ve scheduled a lunchtime workout. Oh, and those new jeans you bought in the autumn sale? Fitting like a glove.

Fast forward to 5 pm, though – maybe even before – and you’re one of the many women who feel puffy, uncomfortable and Google bloating remedies. This then crushes your enthusiasm for the long overdue night out/wedding reception/blind date (delete as appropriate) that you had planned. 

Whether you cite Sod’s Law, or water retention as the cause do know that there steps you can take to minimise those feelings of discomfort now and, over time, help prevent them reoccurring.

But don’t forget: if your symptoms of bloating linger for weeks on end, or you’re in any way concerned, it’s important to consult your GP as in some instances bloating can be a warning of pelvic inflammatory disease and ovarian cancer.

Keep reading for five bloating remedies to employ when your abdomen feels full or tight.

1. Have a low sodium dinner

‘If you want to wake up feeling less bloated, definitely skip the Chinese dinner,’ says registered dietician and author of The Small Change DietKeri Gans. And she’s not referring to the number of calories per portion – but the salt. Salt causes your body to retain water – especially around the abdomen – so you can wake up puffier than you would normally. The best dinner option to prevent bloating? Aromatic beef with veg. The ginger and lemon in the recipe boost your metabolism and, alongside the veggies (skip winderific beans if they’re one of your triggers) will support the digestive system.

2. Do a night-time yoga flow 

It makes sense that amongst the bloating remedies, there’d be a workout in the mix. After all, it’s well-known that twists and inversions can help blood flow and stimulate your digestive tract to remove trapped gasses. Worried that a Yang vinyasa flow could stop you sleeping. Don’t stress. The idea that exercising before bed discourages sound sleep is not true; a 2013 survey from the National Sleep Foundation found that active people are 56-57% more likely to say they usually get a good night’s sleep – no matter what time of day they exercise.

3. Pack your lunch

Grab-and-go food can be high in calories and low in nutrition. That said, we get that meal prep can be a royal faff but your unbloated belly will thank you for it in the long run. Schedule in time each week to batch cook the gut-friendly recipes from nutritionist Amanda Hamilton. Her gut-friendly meal plan (that’s right, she’s designed your breakfast, dinner and snacks, too) is full of fermented foods and a variety of fresh veg to help you reduce bloating overnight. Isn’t that nice?

4. Drink lots of water 

What to drink before bed to ease bloating? It might sound counter-intuitive, but the more water you drink, the less bloated your body becomes. Check out these dehydration symptoms to make sure you’re getting enough. Prevent night-time loo visits with Gans’ top tip. She suggests putting a halt to your water chugging one hour before bedtime. Simples.

5. Make a cup of Golden Milk

It’s been said that Golden Milk, that’s nut milk laced with turmeric to the many of us who don’t speak wellness, is a potent anti-inflammatory. However, it’s also been noted that to reap the rewards of turmeric you’d need to ingest a few kilos. But when compared to a sugary hot chocolate it’s always going to win. So embrace the pre-blended spice powders and whip up a tasty turmeric latte this autumn. Your bloated belly will thank you for it.