5 Reasons Your Clients Need to Detox

Want to give your clients the lowdown on why a detox may be right for them? We share some reasons worth considering on why you should detox your skin. 

1) Regularly detoxifying skin tissue is essential for all skin types, particularly those challenged by acne, rosacea, pigmentation issues, and aging. It supports in removing impurities and toxins that may trigger inflammation and discoloration and further paves the way for healthy ingredients to absorb and support the skin.

2) Using detox products that are clean and free of toxic chemicals will allow the skin to breathe, stay healthy, regenerate, and look and feel soft and supple.

3) Congestion can show in a variety of ways, such as blackheads or dull and sallow skin. A detox that increases the circulation to the skin addresses these concerns.

4) Our skin is the physical barrier that takes the hit when exposed to excessive sun, makeup, and sunscreens, lack of sleep, and long work hours. A detox offers a ‘reset’ for the entire being: body, mind, and spirit.

5) Detoxification prepares the body to receive a specific treatment series and is also beneficial for relieving tight, congested tissue. These treatments stimulate elimination systems for overall well being.


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