6 Tips to Make My Lash Extensions Last Longer


Any lash addicts in the building? YEAH! Well then you NEED to follow Nouveau Lashes on the gram. Nowadays we don’t have the time or patience to apply fake eyelashes every day. (We barely have enough time to use an eyelash curler!) So it’s no surprise that lash extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Yes, the process can be tedious (with appointments lasting 1-2 hours – sometimes we nap!) but the end result is worth it: Our lashes are longer and much fuller, plus our makeup routine is cut in half – there’s no need to curl our lashes or coat mascara on them. And because they’re dramatic, we don’t need to wear any other eye makeup. (We’re SOLD!). So with lash extensions forever on the rise in popularity, especially in Ireland, we take a look at 6 key tips to make your extensions last longer and help keep them intact.

  1. Sleep on your back.

This might sound like a crazy request (unless you already sleep on your back), but it’s really important directly following your application, since the glue takes a while to dry fully and you’ll otherwise get weird kinks. After a night or two, resume your normal sleeping position.

  1. Give your lashes a little — OK, a lot — of TLC.

When removing your eye makeup (liner, shadow, etc.), gently go over the area with a cleansing wipe instead of placing cotton pads or puffs over your lids – not only could you eventually weaken the extensions and mess them up, the cotton fibers get stuck on lashes (not good). Nouveau Lashes ‘Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser’ and ‘Lash & Lid Cleansing Brush’ are LIFE SAVERS!

The gentle foaming cleanser is designed to encourage effective lash and eyelid hygiene by removing potential irritants, whilst thoroughly cleansing and conditioning the eye area. The hypoallergenic formulation is gentle on even the most sensitive eyes. Key anti-ageing ingredients also provide intense hydration and moisturisation to allow the skin to better defend itself against environmental aggressors and other ageing effects. 

Pro tip: This cleanser is the perfect way for your to clean your Strip lashes (allowing for re-use), your make-up brushes and it also removes traces of strip lash adhesive on the eyelids

Use this cleverly designed ‘Lash & Lid Cleansing Brush’ with your ‘Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser’ to thoroughly clean the lash and eyelid area. Working with the foam texture of the cleanser, the varied bristle layers clean deep into the lash and lid area whilst respecting lash extension bonds. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the ‘Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser’ to use at home on your natural lashes as part of your beauty routine or as the perfect aftercare product for our lash treatments.

  1. Lube them up.

You might think keeping your lash extensions dry is smart, but they actually stay nicer, longer, when they’re oiled up (this helps keep them flexible). We recommend Nouveau Lashes ‘Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum’. It contains a complex blend of multi-vitamins and conditioning actives, this new and improved conditioning serum is the ultimate conditioner for lashes and brows. Packed full of nourishing goodness, used daily, this serum provides lashes and brows with all they need to appear instantly conditioned, as well as provide long-term benefits to help give a fuller appearance. Powerful anti-oxidants also help protect lashes and brows from everyday environmental pollutants. When used beneath mascara, it can also act as a primer. Suitable for both lash extensions and natural lashes, it’s the perfect aftercare item for our LVL treatment. The hypoallergenic formulation is gentle on even the most sensitive eyes.

  1. Comb them out.

To prevent any criss-crossing or wonky-looking lashes, use a spoolie wand or a clean mascara wand. Close one eye, place the spoolie on top of your lashes, then roll the brush over lashes to keep them defined.

  1. Resist playing with them.

Your eyelashes shed naturally, so when you have extensions, this will help push them off. If an extension looks out of place, avoid playing with it or twisting or pulling it off — you’ll risk losing your natural lashes. Let them come out on their own, and use a spoolie to brush them back into place in the meantime.

  1. Didn’t get the chance to book your removal appointment?

Nouveau Lashes carefully formulated ‘Lash Extension Remover’ removes Individual Lashes applied by your Nouveau Lashes Technician during our SVS, Extend and Express treatments. The gentle, kind to skin formula effectively and comfortably removes lash extensions in the comfort of your own home, whilst conditioning your natural lashes and reducing any risk of damage. Please note that this product is not intended for use with Strip Lashes.

Pro tip: Cleanse eyelids and around eye area with Eye Make-up Remover to remove any residue after using the product.