Important HD Policy Updates

At HD Brows® we take all feedback from our stylists, who have shown us support over the years, very seriously. We want to ensure all stylists can carry out HD Brows® treatments easily and safely. If any obstacles arise, we want to resolve them as soon as possible, which is why we’ve made the following updates. Please see below two important policy updates that will come into action from 01.02.19.       


To ensure we are in line with industry standards, we’ve decided to update our hygiene policy. The HD Brows treatment now has a ‘no double dipping policy’ – this includes the single use of swizzle sticks and perfecting puffs throughout the treatment. We’ve also adopted the use of gloves during our treatments.

These policies have been implemented for the safety of both you and your clients, as well as to avoid discrimination. CEO, Karen Betts, takes hygiene very seriously and wants to ensure HD Brows are always keeping up with industry standards.

This is HD Brows’ recommendation to demonstrate the highest levels of hygiene. Please read your own insurance provider’s T&Cs for further information.


We have taken on board our stylists’ feedback about our patch testing policy and looked at how we can best support our stylists to comply with patch testing guidance whilst still ensuring the quality and safety of the treatment remains the same.

We’ve been working to update our policy and we are pleased to say we are now able to update it as of 1st February 2019. From now on, patch tests will only need to be carried out where there has been a 6-month lapse from the original allergy test or treatment.

However, stylists must always ask when an appointment is booked if the client has experienced any changes that could now cause a new sensitivity to PPD, (such as pregnancy, medication/skincare etc). This will allow the stylists to determine whether the client needs a new patch test prior to their treatment.

Once the client has completed a successful patch test with no adverse reaction, further patch testing should be carried out 6 months from the last date they were last exposed to PPD.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call our team on +4428 4175 3900.

Team HD Brows at The Beauty School