Bellamianta's formulas have built in nourishment, hydration and are extremely fast drying to produce a streak free, beautiful, summer ready tan. The ultra-smart hydration system ensures that while the tan dries in in 60 seconds, the light formulas are still working to hydrate the skin ensuring that the tan wears of evenly with none of the dreaded snakeskin effect.

Bellamianta’s signature guide colours combined with the 60 second fast dry system mean that all of our tans are ready to wear and will develop over 2-4 hours with no transfer on to clothes. The natural ingredients work with the skins natural melanin to provide a perfectly natural, golden tone every time which becomes water resistant and will last up to 7 days.

Bellamianta, through the use of key ingredients, will help to capture, maintain and develop moisture within the skin ensuring silky, smooth, even coverage. We aim to provide the perfect luxury tanning experience every time. Our tans are filled with natural ingredients, intelligently chosen to suit all skin types and ethnicity.



Genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s)

Harsh Chemicals




Animal derivatives


Bellamianta's Spray Tan Solutions contain one of the highest, premium grade DHA’s. This luxury DHA is added to formulas, already bursting with natural fruit extracts such as Mango, Papaya and Goji Berry, which work with the skins natural melanin to provide our signature golden tone. These beneficial extracts, combined with Bellamianta's unique combination of Bergamot, Sea buckthorn, Vitamin E (and many more) offer many additional skin benefits, including; firming, toning, anti-aging, and healing. They are enriched with natural oils, which are filled with omega 3, 6 and 9. 

Their sumptuous formulas are filled with natural moisturisers making it suitable for dry irritated skin. Their Spray Tan Solutions are enriched with Shea Butter and Aloe Vera, that through Vitamin A, C and E, soothe and restore skin elasticity. The tan is enriched with Pentavitin® to hydrate the skin from within. These hard working ingredients are carefully chosen and blended to provide you with a more moisturised, better, longer lasting tan.

Dries in 60 seconds

Transfer and water resistant

Instant - ready wear guide colour

Develops in 2-4 hours

Streak free - Easy to use formulas

Even wear off - No more dreaded snakeskin effect

Lasts up to 7-1- days

Signature golden olive tones

Odour neutralising technology - No more fake tan smell

Bellamianta Spray Tan training course takes place at our state of the art academy in Warrenpoint, Co. Down (click here for training dates), or we can arrange in-house training and come to you. 

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