HD Brows and BrowSculpt Patch Testing

Here at HD Brows, we are always looking for ways to improve our offering to support the growth of your eyebrow empire. That’s why we’ve taken a look at our patch testing policy.

Why patch testing for brow treatments is important?

Patch tests are important for insurance reasons, your client’s experience (they could react to the products used in your treatments) and demonstrating that you’re a professional #BrowBossAs they are so important, we have made some changes to the HD Brows and BrowSculpt patch testing process to make things better for you long-term.  

The HD patch testing process

Here’s everything you need to know:

  • – Patch tests are required prior to the first treatment, then after 6 months (if they haven’t had a treatment in that time). This means that the patch testing process will remain the same for the HD Brows treatment, but patch tests will no longer need to be carried out for every single BrowSculpt treatment.
  • – An additional patch test must be carried out if there are any changes to your client’s medical situation.
  • – It is advised patch tests are carried out by, or in site of, a professional using formulations as they’ll be used during treatment.
  • – You must wear gloves during your treatments and patch testing clients, to prevent repeat exposure to treatment chemicals and minimise contact with skin.
  • – We will be discontinuing our transfer patch tests.