Michelle Keegan on Charity Bake Off

She’s Keeping It Real… Michelle Keegan reveals that she’s not afraid to get in the kitchen after winning Stand Up To Cancer Charity Bake Off last night

Michelle Keegan may have been in a flap over the flapjacks last night, but when it comes to leading in the kitchen she’s not shy, just ask Paul and Prue! If you thought the stunning Our Girl actress only dined out at five star restaurants, you’d be mistaken. We caught up with Michelle to get the low-down on her signature dinner menu to impress, how she spends her ideal weekend, and her go-to beauty tips…

When watching Michelle on last night’s Stand Up To Cancer Charity Bake Off, viewers may have been amazed at her professional approach to baking, in which she impressed judges with her expertly-created cream horn! But this will come as no surprise to Michelle’s friends and family, as the star reveals that she regularly hosts dinner parties:

“I love catching up with friends and family in the evening. I have a signature dinner menu for when I host, I make a starter of Gambas Al Pil Pil, which is a prawn dish with garlic, which I would serve with some bread to dip in. For my main, I can make a really nice Spaghetti Bolognese and dessert would always be a Victoria Sponge cake.”

As well as sharing her mouth-watering menu, the recently-announced brand ambassador for Nouveau Lashes reveals her go-to homely rituals to help her relax:

“I love to chill out around my house by having a nice lie-in and taking my dogs for walks. I love getting a take-away in my pyjamas too – my favourite is Chinese. I really miss being home when I am away working so it is just nice to chill and enjoy my home comforts when I’m back.”

She continues:

“My ideal weekend would be a chilled morning with a late breakfast, before taking my dogs for a nice long walk, followed by catching up with friends in the evening or having a date night with Mark.”

So if you’re wondering if Michelle is a party girl or a home-bird at heart, Michelle explains:

“I’m all about the cosy nights in! I love nothing more than a nice warm bath and putting my comfies on before watching a Netflix series. I have just finished Peaky Blinders – I was literally obsessed and watched the full series in five days straight!”

Now we’re all dying to know how Michelle maintains her phenomenal physique, even when being around the tempting sweet treats on the Bake Off! But Michelle reveals that she never restricts herself to cravings:

“I am a firm believer that everything should be consumed in moderation, so if I over-indulge in sugary or processed foods one day, then I will try to eat more fruit and vegetable the next. I avoid restricting myself.”

In fact, her refreshing health and fitness motto is all about not putting too much pressure on yourself:

“When I’m working I try to stay healthy by drinking plenty of water and only drinking alcohol in moderation, I don’t put too much pressure on myself though. If I have a busy week and cannot fit in time to work out, then I won’t. If I’m due to work later, then I might go to the gym in the morning, or I might try to go over the weekend. I just try and fit in a couple of gym sessions each week around my schedule to keep active.”

Michelle has recently been named the brand ambassador for lash care brand Nouveau Lashes following her love for their revolutionary LVL natural lash lift treatment. When talking about the partnership, Michelle squashes any assumptions over a ‘high maintenance’ lifestyle, revealing that she is all about ‘keeping it real’:

“I’m all about keeping my make-up very minimal. I always get the Nouveau Lashes LVL treatment to lift and tint my natural lashes, which helps me stay looking fresh when I’m away. I get LVL because then I don’t have to do much to my eyes in the morning. The lift and tint keeps them looking fresh and awake so even when I go out without mascara on, they still look done.”

She continued:

“I don’t really like feeling like my face is caked in make-up and it can’t breathe. I have combination skin so if I wear too thick foundation, I can feel it sliding off in areas, and then I’m conscious of it all day.”

Michelle is not prepared to sacrifice her valuable sleep time either with a complicated beauty regime in the morning, she explains that she only wakes up an hour before leaving the house:

“It normally takes me  40 minutes to get ready. I would typically wake up in the morning an hour before I need to leave. I like to take my time and make myself a brew downstairs to wake me up. After showering, I get dressed first before doing my make-up and hair.”

So if you’re wondering what we can expect to see the BBC actress doing next, Michelle reveals that she has a very busy year ahead:

“I can confirm that Our Girl will be returning this year! Filming will start soon, so I will be busy doing that in Spring. I also have a lot of shoots with Very UK coming up to support my clothing line which is really exciting for me as I love fashion. I can now announce that I am the new brand ambassador for Nouveau Lashes, which I am so proud to be representing as I have been getting their LVL lash treatment done religiously for five years now and people always ask me about my lashes.  Later in the year, I will have a lot of promotion coming up for my latest show called Brassic, which will be coming out on Sky 1.”

Michelle Keegan is the official brand ambassador for Nouveau Lashes.