*NEW* Thermo Hygrometer & Timer

Essential for all lash extension artists. This clever device, with large, easy-toread LED screen, measures temperature and humidity with absolute precision. The widest humidity range on the market, for accurate monitoring of your treatment environment, ensuring perfect results every time. If you provide LVL too, the built-in, easy-to-set, countdown timer is perfect. No need for a separate appliance. This free standing, battery powered device is also highly portable; ideal for salon or mobile based businesses.

The drying and curing of all professional lash adhesive is affected by temperature and humidity. By monitoring and assessing these environmental factors, the professional lash technician can take steps to improve their result outcomes.

Key Facts Summary
• Measures humidity and temperature
• Includes an easy-to-set countdown timer
• Large, easy-to-read LED screen
• Guaranteed high levels of accuracy
• Also features a clock, alarm and calendar
• Highly portable – free standing and battery powered
• Readings available in either Celsius or Fahrenheit
• This model is not available through eBay, Amazon, or other pro lash suppliers
• Product is branded with the Nouveau Lashes logo

• Humidity range: 4% – 95% (accurate to within 2%)
• Temperature range: -9.9°C > +50°C (or +14°F > 122°F, accurate within 2°C)
• Count down timer (easy-to-set, ideal for LVL)
• Calendar, Clock function and Alarm clock
• Suitable for table-top or wall mounted usage
• Large, easy-to-read LED screen (2 AAA batteries)

To order
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