“What I eat in a week” – Vicki Pattison

As the Geordie Shore star shares some refreshingly balanced pre-wedding diet advice.

er sense of humour and Geordie Shore antics earned Vicky Pattison 4m Instagram followers and the Queen of the Jungle 2015 crown.

And following years of fighting with negative body image and reverse body dysmorphia, she admits that she’s finally reached a peace point with her body ahead of her wedding to fiance, John Noble, planned for next year.

Rather than punishing herself to be a smaller size in time for the big day, Vicky has a refreshingly sensible—and kind—approach to feeling her best for the occasion.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Vicky explained: ‘My struggle with my body has been well documented but I’m done struggling with my self-image.

‘Coming up to my wedding I don’t wanna be starving myself to get down to a size six and look super skinny and gaunt. When John turns around on our wedding day, I him to see gorgeous glowing skin and a massive grin on my face, not an emaciated, stressed-out size six bod.’

‘I’ve turned 30 and I’ve finally accepted who I am and how I look. I’m always gonna have my curves, I’m gonna have a gin now and then and probably have a hungover maccies the next day.

‘I’m done apologising for it. I love my life, I love my friends, my family and my gorgeous fiancé – and that’s all that matters.

‘I’m done with unrealistic body images and everything else that’s fake on social media. I’m not about that anymore, it’s exhausting.’

The star completed her first half marathon, the Great North Run, at the weekend, and is clearly committed to making sure she doesn’t let the pressures of bridal life affect her weight.

Back in 2016, Vicky admitted she was suffering from reverse body dysmorphia, a condition which led her to believe she was a size 10 when really, she was a size 16. So, she adapted a balanced approach to food and fitness that helped her to lose 4 stone in just over 6 months.

Here, she shares the exact food that fuels the Vicky Pattison diet.

Keep reading to find out.



Breakfast: Porridge with semi-skimmed milk and protein powder

Lunch: Wholemeal wrap with chicken, avocado, peppers & rocket

Dinner: Salmon fillet with sweet potato wedges and green vegetables

Snacks: Pitta and hummus and a protein bar.

“My life and schedule are super unpredictable so having a set meal plan is really difficult. I often find I just have to roll with the punches rather than enjoy a set routine.

“I firmly believe that variety is the spice of life and it’s good to keep your body on its toes. If I’m really trying to be focused or I have a big event to attend where I want to look my best I will occasionally get my food delivered by a company like Soulmate Food. They’re great and alleviate any pressure of meal prep when you’re busy.”



Breakfast: Poached eggs and avocado with chilli flakes

Lunch: Grilled chicken salad

Dinner: King prawn stir fry with soba noodles

Snacks: Almonds and red berries.

“I know a lot of people advocate carb cycling but for me I keep things quite simple – on days I don’t train I just eat slightly fewer calories. It’s not something I do proactively, but it’s more just a case of when I’m not training I’m just not as hungry. However this is entirely subjective and I always try and listen to what my body wants.”



Breakfast: Natural yoghurt with granola & berries

Lunch: Chunky vegetable soup

Dinner: Rosemary & balsamic chicken with quinoa and broccoli

Snacks: Some dark chocolate.

“I tend not to have a standard weekend as such – again my work can be unpredictable – however on whichever day my downtime falls I love to lie in, probably enjoy a few too many gin and tonics and there’s always a little food treat in there somewhere.

“Whether it’s a takeaway with my fiancée or popcorn at the cinema with the girls, I definitely like to enjoy my life.”



Breakfast: Avocado & cherry tomatoes on toast

Lunch: Greek salad with hummus

Dinner: Courgetti Bolognese

Snacks: Almonds and a protein bar.

“The one food I’d never get bored of eating is cheese. I’d eat any kind, any place, any time, anywhere!”



Breakfast: Protein shake and a banana

Lunch: Tuna & cucumber wrap

Dinner: Japanese sushi and a glass of wine

Snacks: Haribo.

“I’m really into my Japanese at the moment much to the annoyance of my fiancée as he hates fish. But I love black cod, cucumber maki rolls, teriyaki salmon and pak choi. John, on the other hand, would eat a Margherita pizza every day of the week, so choosing our date night location is always interesting!”



Breakfast: Porridge with blueberries & honey / Smoked salmon and avocado

Lunch: Chicken superfood salad with pomegranate seeds / Frittata with mushrooms and peppers

Dinner: Steamed salmon fillet with sweet potato mash and asparagus / Steak and chips with creamed spinach

Snacks: Vegetable crisps and carrot sticks & hummus / A few G&Ts.


“I try not to exclude any major food groups as a way to guarantee that I want something is to say I can’t have it. Saying that, I do avoid refined sugars and simple carbs like white bread as there’s just no need for them and they make me feel rubbish and lethargic. The only exemption to this is alcohol – and I’ll never give that up entirely. Life is for living!

“I train when I can, eat healthily 80 per cent of the time, combat hunger pangs by carrying nuts and berries in my handbag as well as a protein shakes, drink 3 litres of water a day, and actually enjoy green tea – other than that I’m not too hard on myself! I love Haribo and wine and I’m definitely not about to live in a world where they don’t feature in my life – balance is my mantra!”

Stressing about why you can’t lose weight? Use this checklist

Avoid these simple everyday pitfalls.

You’re exercising regularly, drinking eight glasses of water a day and being realistic with your calorie input vs. output—the magic formula for fat loss.

So what on earth can the reasons you’re not losing weight be?

They can be subtle but seriously significant for your fat loss journey. After all, they say small changes make the biggest difference.

From picking the wrong glass of vino to being all too tempted by a bargain, keep scrolling to discover seven reasons you’re not losing weight and how to combat them ASAP.

1. You’re not getting enough shut-eye

Netflix keeping you up at night? It could be why you’re struggling to lose belly fat.

That’s according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that found that women who slept fewer than four hours ate 300 more calories and 21 more grams of fat the next day. Yikes.

Stop Googling ‘how to get to sleep’ and instead, try investing in heavy curtains, as sleeping in a bright room has been linked to a larger waistline. Sweet dreams.

2. You’re skimping on protein

According to a study published in the FASEB Journal, dieters who’s macros contained doubled the amount of protein lost more fat and maintained more muscle mass than dieters who ate the recommended daily amount.

Yep, protein is one mean fat-fighting machine. That’s because high-protein foods take more work to digest, metabolise and use, which means you burn more calories processing them. They also take longer to leave your stomach, so you feel full sooner and for a longer amount of time. You’ll love these high protein meals for work.

Experts advise consuming between 0.5 grams and 1.0 grams of protein per pound of your body weight.

3. You’re trying to bag a bargain

Three-for-two offers are great for your wallet, but can stump your healthy efforts. In a US study, even people watching their calorie intake chose the largest size of snack if it was the best value. Sound familiar? Just think about how many extra calories this may add to your daily diet…

If you are a sucker for a bargain and find yourself thinking three jumbo jars of peanut butter for the price of one is the bargain of the year, grab a trolley. Another study found the arm flexor contraction of holding a basket makes shoppers choose products that provide instant gratification. Plus you’ll get an arm workout in. Clever.

4. You’re picking the wrong wine

Love a glass of Chardonnay after a long day at the office? You may watch to switch to Cabernet. You knock back more vino when it’s white, according to research from Iowa State University in the US.

Participants asked to pour a ‘normal’ drink doled out 9% more white than red. Turns out the lighter grape doesn’t offer a strong visual contrast in a clear glass, so your brain doesn’t register it as a serving. Try having it in a dark glass and leave your glass on the table as you pour rather than picking it up – you’ll serve 12% less.

Extra bonus? Red wine has less natural sugar than white, plus packs more minerals like magnesium, iron and potassium. Chin chin.

5. You’re keeping a cluttered desk

Messy desk? It could be thwarting your slimming efforts as well as your job prospects. A US study found an orderly workspace encourages healthy food choices. Try these three tips for a diet-friendly desk:

  • Store your snacks in a drawer out of sight – our brains are programmed to forget hidden food. What doughnut?
  • If you’re wondering, can lemon water really help me lose weight? A whiff of citrus can help to curb cravings, so swap your 3pm cuppa for hot water and lemon. Fresh.
  • Retune the office radio over lunch, as high tempo music makes you eat faster. Classic FM it is, then.

6. You’re unrealistic

Remember, it’s what you do consistently, not sporadically, that will help with your fat loss wins, and slow, steady and consistent always wins the fat-loss race.

Research from George Washington University found lofty diet expectations can lead to yo-yo losses and a drop in confidence, says study author Dr Erin Olson. Start with small realist goals, such as, ‘I will eat a vegetable at every meal.’ The tortoise would approve.

7. You’re constantly paying by card

It may be a little old school, but paying for your weekly grocery shop in cash could help boost your fat loss.

According to a study in the Journal of Consumer Research, people who use a credit card when buying groceries chose significantly more unhealthy, calorie-dense foods than people who pay cash.

Study author Kalpesh K. Desai said that consumers who are faced with aisles stocked with crisps and fizzy drinks will think twice before placing such products in their carts when they are paying with cash. When using plastic, however, people tend to impulse buy more. Weird.

Get the glow with our top tan tips!

Get the glow.

Whether you like your skin to look slightly sun-kissed, or full-blown ‘I just spent two months in Spain’, fake tan is our favourite way to fake a holiday glow.

And no matter what depth of colour you choose, or type of tanning formula you use, the secret to a golden glow lies in the application, says The Beauty School’s Spray Tan Technician, Nicola Byrne-Fegan.

So read, remember and get ready for glowing, gorgeous skin.


  1. Remove hair and exfoliate

Whatever your hair removal method is, it’s always best to be silky smooth and hair-free right before you tan.

You want to create the smoothest canvas possible, which is why it’s also important to exfoliate.

“You need to blitz and buff away all evidence of your previous tan to ensure an even base so your new glow goes on beautifully and looks flawless”, says Nicola, our Bellamianta Expert Tanner and Event Speaker. “Fail to do so and you could get patchy results, with some darker areas.”

However, while most of us slather on our favourite exfoliator in the shower, our tan tech has revealed that’s exactly where we’re going wrong.

Nicola, who has spray tanned various celebrities, VIPs and Bloggers, maintains that we should exfoliate *after* we shower. “Scrubs and soaps create a barrier on your skin that creates uneven, streaky, blotchy results. Your tan can’t get in and do its job if you have any residue on the skin. I have always told my clients that you need to exfoliate after the shower.”

Who knew?

If your previous tan is being extra stubborn, Nicola offers this clever tip: “Go swimming, the chlorine will soften the tan, then take some exfoliating gloves and scrub in the shower.”

Shop Bellamianta Luxury Exfoliating Mitt


  1. Make sure your skin is completely clean

And we mean REALLY clean. Even just a hint of deodorant or perfume can cause disaster.


“Deodorant will go green as it reacts with the tan on contact, and while it doesn’t stay green, it’s not a good look”, says Nicola. “If you are able to shower pre-tan, be brave and go for a cold rinse to encourage pores all over the skin to close so your tan goes on seamlessly.”

As for perfume, you should remove it and also avoid applying it post-tan as it can mess with your tan’s development.

“I was once working with a client on Dancing With The Stars and each week she’d come in on show day with a huge patch on her neck, it took us weeks to work out that immediately after her spray tan, she was spraying her neck with fragrance which was breaking the tan down as it developed”, shares Nicola. “Do not do this! Spritz a hair mist if you need a scent.”


  1. Moisturise dry areas just before application

Unless you want to end up with ankles, knees and elbows two shades darker than the rest of your skin, dry areas must be moisturised pre-tan.

Nicola recommends focusing on the following areas: elbows, knees, knuckles, between the fingers, inner wrists, ankles and toes.

A tan primer is best, as it acts as a barrier to stop the tan from catching. We use a barrier cream in the salon when spray tanning clients.


  1. Use a tanning mitt

When asked if a mitt was best, Nicola replied, “Most definitely yes. A mitt protects the tan from absorbing into the hands but also helps evenly distribute the product.” Bellamianta’s luxury velvet glove is a huge game-changer.. You can even throw it in the wash and reuse it as many times as you want. “Don’t put it in the dryer though, the plastic protector on the inside will melt. Let it dry naturally and pop a dab of talcum powder inside the glove once dry. As a rule, I always use a mitt.”

Bonus: You get a FREE mitt in every Bellamianta Gift Sets

Shop Bellamianta Luxury Velvet Mitt


  1. Apply your tan in front of a mirror

If you’re tanning solo, stand in front of a mirror to make sure you don’t miss any spots.

“Work methodically from legs, upwards and take your time”, says Nicola.

When you think you’re done, twirl back and forth, checking the back of your knees and lift your arms above your head to ensure you didn’t miss the underside.


  1. Don’t forget your face

Whether you decide to tan your face or not, you can’t forget it altogether.

If you choose to tan this area, Nicola says that less is more. “Repeat after me, two coats on the body and one on the face. I love Bellamianta’s Gradual Moisturiser! It’s ideal for creating a radiant, buildable colour and it smells gorgeous too”.

It’s also important to use products that are safe, or specifically formulated for the face. Nicola also recommends Bellamianta Instant Tan – “Mix your desired amount of dabs in with your normal face moisturiser (the more you dab the deeper the glow – I advise 2-3 dabs). Sweep moisturiser over your skin, massaging in upward motions, and down the neck to the décolletage.”

If you choose not to tan this area, you may want to switch your shade of foundation to match your tanned body, making sure to blend down the neck for a seamless transition.


  1. Wear loose clothing while it dries

Wearing restrictive clothes, under-wire bras or anything that rubs onto the skin is a big no-no post-tan.

If you’re going for a professional spray tan, do not show up wearing “skinny jeans, leggings, gladiator sandals or sports bras”, says Nicola. “You want loose, floaty, effortless chic garments. My clients who work in fashion always wear jumpsuits.”

“Try to resist anything too sweaty after you tan”, says Nicola. A.k.a it’s better to be cold than too hot.

If you’re at home, a floaty dress or loose-fitting pyjamas are perfect. And black is always best.


  1. Do not shave or bathe post-tan

Another important reason to shave pre-tan is because if you do it afterwards instead, you’re at risk of shaving away your tan as the blades tend to pick up any dead skin cells as well as hair.

Nicola also says to “avoid baths all together so you don’t soak your glow away”. Opt for showers instead.


  1. Moisturise one day after your tan, and from there on

If you wish to maintain your glow and ensure an even fade, moisturising is a must.

Shop Bellamianta Gradual Moisturiser

“A faux tan loves being hydrated, so treat it daily, if not twice daily. The Gradual Moisturiser not only moisturises but makes your tan pop and is good for the skin as it’s packed with vitamin A, C and E,” says Nicola.

Too time-poor to moisturise?

“Use your tanning mitt to swipe it on at super speed. It’s especially handy on chilly mornings when moisturising is not the most fun.”


  1. Top up with gradual tan

If you really want your tan to last as long as possible, top it up after a few days with the Gradual Moisturiser or Instant Tan. It will keep you going until you’re ready to start back at number one again…


Ready to tan? Shop our best fake tans.

The Brow Mistake You Didn’t Know You Were Making

And it’s surprisingly common. We sat down with our ‘Brow Queen’ and Elite HD Brows Trainer, Emma-Jane Heatley, to find out the questions she gets asked most.

Widely credited for being one of leaders in our HD Brows Academy, Emma-Jane has helped shape the industry one student at a time with face-framing technique forming the foundation of the HD Brows approach.

We asked her about some of the questions she gets asked most by students and clients. From common brow mistakes, to how to get the most out of her products, here’s what she revealed.



Emma-Jane: “Over-tweezing them, thinking that the thinner they are, the more they’ll open up the eyes.”

What to do: “This is a common misconception. To open up the eyes, create the illusion of longer eyebrows. Creating a thicker, longer eyebrow will create a much better arch and open your eyes way more than a thin eyebrow.”



Emma-Jane: “Begin by studying your face and asking yourself ‘Why do I want to contour’ instead.”

What to do: “When you first start contouring, you need to take the time to really look at your features. Looking at a picture of yourself provides a more accurate depiction than looking in a mirror in my experience. Use Instagram as a source for studying how to use products correctly because otherwise, you could end up with a result that’s the total opposite to what you want to achieve. It’s important to set an intention – as a general rule, light colours will enhance and dark ones will minimise and when used together, they can create a 3D effect.”


Used by official HD Brows Stylists, Powder Foundation Pro Palette was originally designed to disguise redness following hair removal. Each powder is enriched with aloe-leaf extract to soothe and calm the skin. Since then, it’s become a must have palette for make up artists who love having all shades of our matte powders in one place which makes contouring a dream. Breathable and buildable, this is the perfect one-palette-fits all powder foundation solution.



Emma-Jane: “Try contouring with a highlighting pencil.”

What to do: “We have a Brow Highlighter which, when used to outline and contour the lips, gives the illusion of a fuller and lifted lip. First, use a darker cream contour or powder to create a shadow underneath the lip line (you can also create an ombre lip with a lip pencil too) and then apply the highlighter in the middle of lips and the corners of the mouth to lift the edges. You can also use it to lift the eyes too.”

Star product: HD Brows Brow Highlighter Pencil



Emma-Jane: “Don’t be afraid to experiment.”

What to do: “I think women feel intimidated when it comes to makeup and so I always say this to them – ‘It’s just makeup.’ If you don’t like it, you can remove it and start again. Pick a day when you don’t have anything to do and experiment with some looks.

“Instagram and YouTube are great sources, you can watch all kinds of makeup application and be inspired. I’d recommend following someone who likes the same things as you do and looks a little like you too because if you follow someone who has a different eye or face shape, it’s hard to learn from them. Now Instagram has everything you could want. We do a lot of Instagram Stories and they’re really popular because they teach you not only how to apply the products, but how to use them most efficiently.”

Star products: HD Brows Eyeshadow Palette

National Healthy Skin Month

In honor of National Healthy Skin Month, we’re devoting November to raising awareness about the skin, your body’s largest organ, and how to keep it vibrant and healthy. This week, we will review some general facts about the skin.

About National Healthy Skin Month

As we approach the holiday season, your skin begins to feel the dehydrating effects of the cool, dry, winter air. This is a great time to start thinking about the health of your skin and how you can help protect and maintain it. As such, November has been designated as National Healthy Skin Month by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), a time when everyone is encouraged to learn about the functions of the skin and how to keep it working and looking its best. The goal is to raise awareness about the importance of keeping your skin fresh and hydrated, not only during the winter, but all year round.

According to Christian Millett, a board-certified dermatologist with Forefront Dermatology in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia: “Educating yourself about the skin is important for a number of reasons. Changes in the skin may be a sign that there is a problem with your overall health. Itching or a rash could indicate a number of conditions, such as an allergic reaction, an infection, or an autoimmune disease. A new growth or changing mole could turn out to be a type of skin cancer. Paying careful attention to your skin can provide important clues to the health and wellness of your body as a whole.”

Skin Facts

  • The average adult has approximately 16 – 22 square feet of skin, which weighs around 9 – 11 lbs.
    • Skin accounts for ~15% of your body weight.
  • The skin has three layers: epidermis, dermis, and subcutis.
  • The thickness of the skin varies between different parts of the body
    • Skin is thickest on the palms and soles and thinnest on the eyelids.
  • The skin completely renews itself every 28 days by constantly shedding dead cells.
    • Skin sheds around 30,000 cells per minute.
    • A large part of the dust in your home is actually made up of dead skin cells.
  • Your skin is home to millions of bacteria, from over 1,000 different species.
  • Skin that is damaged can heal itself by forming a scar.
    • Unlike normal skin, scar tissue lacks hair and sweat glands.
  • Skin that is exposed to repeated friction or pressure can become thicker, forming a callus.
  • There are different types of receptors and nerve endings in the skin that respond to pressure, pain, and temperature.
  • The skin serves as a protective barrier that helps to keep water in the body and harmful chemicals and pathogens out.

These are just a few of the many fun and educational facts about your skin. National Healthy Skin Month is a great time to learn about normal skin, but it is also a time to keep educated on a variety of skin problems, such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, and skin cancer.

Establishing a relationship with a board-certified dermatologist is an important step you should take to keep your skin healthy, especially if you suffer from an itchy, painful, or irritating skin condition. 

Do lash serums really work?

Before you book your next lash extension session consider using lash serum because they actually do work.

There is a lot of talk online about different serums and the results you might get. They are difficult to decipher, but if they have the active ingredient that encourages growth they will work.

There is a catch though, this is what you need to know before you invest in one.

Here is the thing about lash serums, for the most part they are simple lash conditioners, they will moisturise and nourish hair.

Over time your lashes may well look stronger and longer from using them, but they are pretty much like conditioning the hair on your scalp, not much else is going on.

Lash serum that actually helps lashes grow thicker and longer all have an ingredient called Prostaglandin (like the one below), here’s how it works.

Prostaglandin was a part of medication for glaucoma patients originally, patients reported fuller, longer lashes after using it.

It was then used by a lash serum company along the lash line, and resulted in longer and denser lashes.

Because there are issues around the serums with this ingredient, there is a risk of stimulation of pigment in the eyes or eyelids. For this reason many serums are prescription only.  Of the brands you can buy online or in beauty salons, these contain a variant of a prostaglandin so no prescription is needed.

So they do work, but there is a catch. It’s straightforward enough, lash serums can take a while to show results, anywhere up from several weeks to months.

This is related to the rate of growth of the lash, the serum is applied at root level and the lash grows from there.

And the other thing is that you must continue using serum to maintain results, stop and your lashes will grow how they used to. That said, when you know you have to make a commitment at least you know you will get the results you hoped for.


Nouveau Lashes ‘Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum

The ultimate conditioner for lash and brows, Nouveau Lashes Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum 8ml contains a blend of multi-vitamins and anti-oxidants to protect your brows and lashes from everyday pollutants. Use daily for an instantly conditioned, fuller looking appearance, and underneath mascara as a primer. Suitable for both lash extensions and natural lashes, it’s the perfect aftercare item for our LVL treatment. The hypoallergenic formulation is gentle on even the most sensitive eyes.

RRP: £19.99
Trade Price: £8.99


To order Nouveau Lashes ‘Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum call +4428 4175 3900 or email stephanie@thebeautyschool.co.uk

Fake tan and ‘guyliner’ helped me dance the tango

Fake tan and ‘guyliner’ helped me dance the tango, says Graeme Swann. The former cricketer says it was his favourite performance of the series so far.

Strictly Come Dancing contestant Graeme Swann has said wearing eyeliner and fake tan helped him get into character for his performance on last week’s show.

The former cricketer danced the tango with partner Oti Mabuse to Roxanne by The Police on Saturday’s programme.

The pair’s rendition led head judge Shirley Ballas to dub Swann the “tango man”, before awarding him a score of eight out of 10.

She said: “This is a brand new style and I’m so delighted you got it. I felt you delved deep today. I felt like you were not only doing it for yourself, but family and loved ones.”

Appearing on BBC Two spin-off show It Takes Two on Thursday, Swann said wearing an “all over” fake tan had helped make it his favourite performance.

He said: “It was my favourite week of the whole show so far, it really was.

“I thought topping Spiderman (the pair’s Charleston) would be impossible but getting into character, with that deep a fake tan on – it was all over fake tan, by the way – was amazing.

“I loved getting into character. It was a routine I didn’t think I could do until about 10 on Friday night.”

Swann and Mabuse were awarded a cumulative total of 24 out of a possible 40 points by the four judges.

When asked by It Takes Two host Zoe Ball what kind of spray tan he had used, Swann joked: “Triple Venetian double dip, or something.”

Ball then asked whether wearing what she described as “guyliner” had also helped his performance.

He said: “It did. The make-up room gets so busy that I was out in the corridor and they put all the face on and I said: ‘I’m not being funny but I know the tango and pasodoble normally have a bit of eyeliner.’

“I was just seeing whether I should, and the girl went in to see Lisa and came out with a big smile on her face saying yeah.

“I thought that Oti would say ‘take it off you look like an idiot’, but she said: ‘Yeah, you look really handsome.’”

Mabuse replied: “When he came in with an open shirt and that was when I said no, do that up.”

The pair also told Ball that Swann has learned the moonwalk dance move in preparation for the pair’s Halloween themed cha cha cha.

The pair will dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller on Saturday night’s show.

Telesales Executive Vacancy

The Beauty School is Ireland’s leading beauty educators and a multi award winning training academy based in Warrenpoint. They have experienced considerable growth over the past few years. With further growth plans in place, we have created an exciting opportunity for a Telesales Executive to sell leading beauty products and services. 

Key Duties

  • Make phone calls to customers and clients – develop relationships, chase new customers and encouraging clients to want to train and use our products.
  • Build and strengthen relationships with clients and customers by adopting good listening skills, responding to queries
  • Achieve and exceed call rates expected to deliver results in a timely manner


To be considered for the role you must possess the following:

  • Experience and knowledge of a CRM system
  • Experience in tele-marketing or sales calls
  • Excellent communication skills (oral, written and presentation skills), with exceptional confidence on the phone
  • Excellent level of literacy, numeracy and attention to detail
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Good organisation and planning skills
  • Ability to focus and work independently to set targets and goals, and meet a certain call volume.

Salary – To be discussed

  • Hours
  • Salary
  • Commission
  • Holidays


To apply, please email cover letter and CV to info@thebeautyschool.co.uk

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