What are HD Brows Extensions?


Have you heard about our new treatment, brow extensions? Yes, there is such a thing as adding hairs to your brows. A brand new way of achieving fuller looking brows, here’s an insight into the latest brow treatment craze.

What are brow extensions?

Brow extensions close up before and after image

They’re pretty much what you’d imagine! Individual hairs are placed on to skin or existing hairs to create an instantly fuller brow.

The extensions are vegan-friendly synthetic fibres. They are available in a variety of colours from light blonde through to black, as well as a selection of lengths. With such a wide selection of extensions available, you can achieve natural, realistic looking results. The extensions typically last between 24 – 72 hours.

Who can get brow extensions?

Brow extensions close up before and after image

Brow extensions are great for anyone looking to get fuller brows for a big event. They are ideal for brides, wedding guests or anyone attending a special occasion who wants thicker brows instantly.

More than just a pre-party treatment, they are fantastic for anyone thinking of investing in a microblading treatment. It gives you the chance to see what the results might look like and get a feel for your new brow shape and size.

But they’re not just for those with sparse areas. You can even add brow extensions on to existing hairs for a fluffy, textured finish. This is perfect if you’re after the on-trend brushed up brow.

How can I train in HD Brows Extensions?

Brow extensions close up before and after image

HD Brows Extensions is a new treatment on our HD Brows Master training. It’s reserved exclusively for our Master Stylists who have worked through their advanced training courses. For any brow expert, it’s the perfect addition to your treatment menu.

You can perform Brow Extensions on their own or as an add on to the HD Brows treatment. We recommend an Express HD Brows treatment beforehand to ensure there’s a perfectly groomed shape to work with. Treatment times will vary depending on the area you are working with.

Ready to take the next step in your HD Brows career? Find out more here.

Brow Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Besides regularly checking in with your local HD Brows Stylist, we’ve come up with a few do’s and don’ts at home to get your brows back to their naturally thick state. Keep reading to find out our tricks to getting the best eyebrows of your life.

Keep Your Brows Product Free

Avoid getting any lotions, gels, sunscreens, foundations, or moisturisers on or around the brow area. These seep into the brows and cause hairs to fall out, as well as prevent hair growth. We tend to treat the brows as skin, but they’re actually hair follicles, and if we wouldn’t put something on our scalp, why would we put it on our brows? Clients who are careful to avoid any lotions have noticed tremendous growth — it just takes patience!

Bonus: We have advice for anti-aging! You never want to put creams on your eyelids, because the lids don’t wrinkle, they sag! So by tugging on it and applying lotions, we are doing more harm than good.

Use the Right Mirror

Avoid magnifying mirrors. Always pluck in dull lighting and avoid magnifying mirrors because you will lose perspective and over-tweeze.

Do Not Get Scissor Happy

Thou shalt not over-trim brows! A choppy, uneven arch is not good. Actually, very few women actually need trimming. To trim the correct way, brush up hairs and just cut the hairs that stick out of the majority. You want to keep brows looking neat and even but by keeping them feathery you are also creating a fuller-looking and more lush brow.

Make Sure Your Brow Starts in the Right Spot

There is a common misconception that brows must align with the outer side of the nostrils, but they should actually align with the inner side or bridge of the nose. Separating brows too far apart makes facial features appear wider.

There’s Such a Thing as Too Much Brow

You also do not want to overfill your arches. Everyone wants fuller, bolder brows — but some people seem to be overdoing it with the pencil. We suggest going no more than a shade darker than your brows. This will enhance your brows and bring out your eyes without exaggerating them. Brows are meant to enhance — not to distract.

Tweezing Is the Best Option

By all means, do not wax or thread yourself – leave this task up to the HD Brows experts! Tweezing is the most precise at-home method because you’re only pulling a single hair at a time. With brows, every single hair makes a difference or plays a role in the shape of the brow. Waxing untrained lacks precision but also stretches this delicate skin. Threading… well let’s just not go there!

Invest in a Good Brow Pencil

A good brow pencil should give the illusion of natural hairs — not look like artificial tattoos. The three colours (bombshell, foxy and vamp) are carefully designed to perfectly suit every hair colour. The dark is not a black but rather a black-brown colour. The medium is a true brown (no red tones) and the light is a perfect taupe for all blondes to help bring out the brows and enhance the eyes.”


Bellamianta Crystal Clear Mousse

This is the first clear tanning mousse to arrive to Ireland that gives you a glow that you don’t need to wash off. The clear formula has no guide colour (it goes on clear), so the colour will look completely natural, won’t transfer onto your clothes, and as an added bonus, it smells fresh and light.

Bellamianta is a luxury tanning brand and at the forefront when it comes to self-tanners. The results you get from Bellamianta are always what you hope for: natural-looking, good-smelling, long-lasting, and easy to apply. And now, with one of Bellamianta’s newest innovations — Crystal Clear Mousse — you can ad this clean formula to your shopping list.

Crystal Clear is one of Bellamianta’s newer faux-glow formulas. It helps protect the skin from irritants and helps make your skin glowy. On top of its ingredients, what is ultimately different about this mousse is that the formula is completely clear, making it one of few on the market with this feature. This has a couple of benefits. First, you don’t need to wash it off after a certain amount of time. Now, this may sound like a disaster waiting to happen, but we’ve tried and tested it and resulted in waking up with clean sheets! Win win!

Here’s exactly how we used the mousse: Make sure to shave your legs 24hrs before and exfoliate your entire body with Bellamianta’s exfoliating mitt. Normally after a shower, we would recommend apply moisturiser, but if you’re using self-tanner, skip this step. That being said, definitely check for any dry areas, especially your elbows, knees, ankles, and hands, and put on just a tiny bit of moisturiser wherever you need.


Now, starting with your legs and working your way up, use about one-to-two pumps per area and just smoothed it on in circular motions — and yes, use the Bellamianta tanning mitt. It’s life-changing! The fact that the mousse is clear and doesn’t have a guide color (which is what formulators call the brown/bronze colour you see in the rest of their self-tanners) doesn’t really change the application process. Sure, you can’t see the colour going on your body (and it takes a while for the bronze to develop), but the mousse foams up into a visible white foam and you can feel the mousse as it glides over your skin and hydrates it. The mitt is really key to avoiding streaks, whether your self-tanner has a guide colour or not. Oh, and just because it’s clear doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash your hands afterward.

The mousse dries incredibly fast. All you need is about five minutes and then you can put on loose-fitting clothes, even a white tee. And wallah! You’ll wake up looking like you just got back from a trip to Hawaii, with no streaks on your arms or legs and no tan stains on your sheets.

Bellamianta’s Crystal Clear Self Tan Mousse is definitely becoming a new go-to for brides too, especially wedding dress shopping!

7 Pre-Wedding Appointments Every Bride Should Make

Follow our treatment timeline to be ready and glowing for your big day. 

Firstly, congratulations on your pending nuptials and secondly, get ready for time to run away from you faster than ever, because your wedding day will be here before you know it! And even if you’re still 6 months, a year, or even longer away from your big  day, it doesn’t mean you can’t start booking your beauty appointments now.

Don’t know where to start? Here’s a quick timeline of treatments from the experts.

1 MONTH BEFORE: Cleansing facial

The training academy’s very own salon, Beauty & Co Beauty Clinic’s beauty therapist, Nicola Byrne-Fegan, advises that even if you go for facials on the regular, you don’t want to be doing anything too deep-cleaning near the day. “A month will give you some nice breathing space, but the glowing effects will still be apparent”.

2-3 WEEKS BEFORE: Hair & Makeup test

MUA, Emma-Jane Heatley, highly recommends having your hair and makeup trials well in advance. “This is your opportunity to experiment with different looks, styles and products and see what works best”. Scheduling it a couple of weeks before the wedding will allow time to resolve any skin or hair issues. “Try booking your appointment in the morning and then wear your makeup and hairstyle throughout the day. This way you’ll get a feel for how it holds up and what you might need to have on hand for touch-ups”.

10 DAYS BEFORE: Hair colour

The Beauty School Training and Sales Manager, as well as experienced hairdresser, Laura Murray, recommends colouring 10 days prior to the wedding. “Colour becomes more beautiful after two or three shampoos”. The pigment’s oxidant settles and the colour becomes more natural. She also discourages deep conditioning just before the wedding, as it makes hair too soft and harder to style.

1 WEEK BEFORE: Facial massage

Beauty therapist, Karen McVeigh, advises going for something gentle and soothing. “A facial massage will help to boost lymphatic drainage and blood circulation for a glowing complexion. Plus with one week to go, you’ll probably be in need of a relaxing hour in peace”. She recommends trying the Collagen Wave Radio-frequency facial, even throughout the countdown to your big day, to ensure your skin is glowing. Or why not book in for a MiniMi Inch Loss Body Wrap instead. It will reduce stress, relax your muscles, improve circulation and best of all if that dress is a little too tight.. you’ll lose inches!

4 DAYS BEFORE: Plucking/waxing

Elite HD Brows Trainer, Katie Everitt recommends having your eyebrows groomed and/or tinted four days before the wedding (click here to find your local HD Brows Stylist). “Keep the shape close to your natural brow contour, with added grooming and definition”. If planning a bikini, underarm or other waxing, schedule this at the same time.

2 DAYS BEFORE: Tanning

Experienced spray tan technician and trainer, Orla Magennis says “you can’t deny that bronze glow!” She suggests Bellamianta Luxury Tanning. “Be sure to do a trial one month before the wedding (click here to find your local stockist) and if you’re satisfied with the results, reschedule two days before the wedding”.

Not a tanner? Orla recommends using a Self Tanning Gradual Moisturiser. The ultimate skin treatment that’s suitable for all skin types. The luxurious gradual moisturising lotion is easily applied and ideal for creating a radiant, buildable colour. Use as a sumptuous daily moisturiser to hydrate and nourish, whilst you extend and maintain your gorgeous glow. It also has anti-cellulite properties that help combat wrinkles, dryness, and other symptoms of ageing or neglected skin.

ONE DAY BEFORE: Manicure & pedicure

Nail technician, Nicola Byrne-Fegan, advises the safest way to prevent a chipped mani is to save it until the day before the wedding. “Use the appointment as your last deep breath before the relatives roll in, or book in with your bridesmaids for a girly pre-wedding date”. She advises “Go for a gel finish and hopefully it will last throughout your honeymoon!”

COMING SOON! Bellamianta Ultra Dark Mousse


You’ve asked and Bellamianta have answered. All the things you love about their mousse… but darker! The revolutionary, easy to use, Self Tanning Tinted Mousse is bursting with natural extracts making it the ultimate skin treatment. The ultra-smart hydration system ensures that whilst this tan dries in 60 seconds, the light formula is still working to hydrate the skin, ensuring that the tan wears off evenly with none of the dreaded snakeskin effect. Through the use of odour neutralising technology we can ensure no fake tan smell.

A Guide To Becoming A Beauty Entrepreneur

Keeping on top of trends and being active on social media can help you stand out in a crowded market. From lash lifts to brushed up brows, it’s crucial to keep on top of trends in the beauty business. But cultivating your brand identity should also include being passionate about your product and providing star service. We share our insights and advice on how to start a beauty business below.

How can I stand out in a crowded market?

We stress listening to your customers! Ask for customer feedback and keep an eye on competitor activity, but not to the point that you are so busy looking over your shoulder that you don’t focus on your brand.

Part of your customer research should be an awareness of what’s missing for local consumers. Have your own stamp on the industry, stand out from the other salons in your area and make a difference.

Customer research can be done through social media too. We advise interacting with people who offer a similar service to you. This helps build contacts and keeps you in tune with the voice your competitors are projecting on social media.

Always ensure there is a part of your day you dedicate to growing your business. Between 10 minutes to an hour a day dedicated to thinking ahead works wonders!

We also emphasise that running a small business is not a 9-5 job. You need to be continually reassessing your business model and direction. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask if you are offering what your market wants.

Media mentions can increase public awareness of your brand. We recommend reading every article you can about beauty in the press and if it relates to your business, track down the journalist and send them an email.

While it’s important to be aware of the trends covered by the media, you should also stay true to your venture. Ensure your business comes from a sincere place. There is nothing worse than a brand simply born out of market opportunity.

What are the trends of the moment?

We are emphasising the popularity of brows, lashes and tan. Other trends are inch loss and skin care – combining inch loss wraps with nourishing ingredients to treat skin.

We feel men’s grooming is a growing market that’s already quite established. Male HD Brows and male tanning is growing in popularity. There is demand as long as men are enjoying fashioning themselves.

Standing out from your competitors and offering a product or service you’re committed to is more important for your business’s survival than jumping on trends. A successful beauty venture needs to be ahead of the trend or set the trend.

How can I hire the best employees?

Beauty businesses succeed through great customer service, so friendly and reliable staff are vital! Our valuable advice about taking on new recruits as your business grows is that we favour traditional recruitment methods. For example, we don’t recommend recruiting your biggest Facebook fans, as we believe it’s the quiet, hard-working ones who are not on social networks who have turned out to be the most loyal and long lasting employees.

Planning, persistence and addressing any worries you may have at interview stage can help prevent future problems. We recommend doing a trade test with the most promising applicants.

There were mixed thoughts on taking staff straight from training. Attitude and work ethic cannot be taught and in our experience is critical. Colleges are a great source of fresh talent, but “newbies” require further training. We advise that you should realise you have to dedicate two years to them.  This includes in-house training, mentoring and teaching them how to work in a salon.

What’s the best strategy for business growth?

Underestimate sales! We recommend a straightforward approach. Cost control is your main concern. Why not use a spreadsheet rather than spending on expensive accountancy software?

Hire a trusted accountant as early on as possible. As you grow, profits and therefore tax liabilities grow – make sure you get the best, most relevant, tax planning advice. So many clients rely on ‘the man in the pub’. We advise underestimate sales; overestimate expenses, as that gives you a buffer of protection.

Social media is a good starting point, aside from joining in beauty business conversations on Twitter, adding people in the industry on LinkedIn helps for keeping in touch.

We suggest attending trade shows to build relationships and joining a membership group like the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC) and Associated Beauty Therapists as a means of keeping up to date with industry developments and accessing advice.

Building connections with other businesses in your local area can also be beneficial. Become friendly with local business that are helpful to network with, and work with nearby businesses to offer local discounted deals.

When launching a new business, invest in people! Never presume you know it all, you will always need people on your team who can do one thing better than you, so you are always learning.


Have you got any advice you’d like to share? Get in touch and your tips could be added to our blog.