4 Ways Salon Owners Can Use Social Media For Debs

Image result for school formalsBy now, you may have read all about how to market effectively for your small business during Formal/Debs season. Social media accounts for a huge portion of Formal/Debs marketing, so it’s essential that your beauty business knows the ins and outs of popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The best part? These social media platforms are free to use–meaning that your beauty business will surely gain customers without worrying about going over budget.

Don’t have a clue where to start? No worries! We’re about to share some of our favorite social media tips your beauty business needs to maximise profits this Debs season.

1. Amp up the visuals.

Your customers don’t want to just hear about your beauty business’ Debs promotions and services; they want to see them in action. For example, try posting sample hair and makeup ideas for Debs day. This way, customers will feel as if your beauty business is helping them with the big day, which will lead to increased loyalty and business. And, when Debs -goers see the results they could have, they will be lining up at your door.

2. Create a social media contest.

For this Debs season, engage with your customers by creating a social media contest. Try a raffle: ask your followers to share their favorite hair and dress combinations on social media, and choose a few lucky customers to win prizes or gift cards from your beauty business. Customers will love being able to share their best Debs looks, especially if there is a chance to win. Need some inspiration? Take a look at our contest that we launched last week!

3. Use #hashtags.

After establishing certain Debs promotions and bundled packages for your beauty business, make sure to publicise these awesome deals by creating an original hashtag. Hashtags offer a way for customers to find and engage with your small business on social media. And, using a hashtag will spread the word about your beauty business’ new Debs services and products.

4. Post on all the social media platforms.

So, your beauty business has decided to institute new special promotions for Debs season. But, in order to be effective, these promotions need to reach any and all types of audiences on social media. If your beauty business has various social media accounts, utilise all of them when promoting Debs deals and services. By using a variety of popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you’ll attract many different types of customers – which means more money for your business this prom season!

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3 Bridal Package Ideas for Salons and Spas

Now that we are in the beginning of wedding season, thousands upon thousands of couples will be taking the plunge.

This influx of weddings means big returns for your beauty business. Since every bride expects her wedding to be perfect, you can expect a ton of appointments—hair, manis/pedis, makeup, and more—all for brides-to-be, bridal parties, and guests.

For some brides, splurging on beauty services is a must-have—in fact, the average bride spends about £500 on hair and makeup alone on their big day. Developing an elegant and epic bridal service menu is one way to coax those dazzling brides into your business for their wedding days. 

To help you put together your bridal service menu, here are 3 tips you need for crafting your greatest bridal packages yet.

1. Take charge with your service rates. 

First, you need to decide how much you’re charging. This can be a challenge due to the variety of services available and the budgets and preferences of your clients. For example, some clients simply want their hair curled, while others desire a 3-hour updo.

In order to simplify the math, don’t make up new prices. If your salon charges £65 for a typical one-hour haircut and blowout, and your base bridal hair service also takes one hour, then make £65 the set price. By sticking to prices your staff is already used to, you are simplifying a process that could be much more complicated.

With bridal parties, you also want to consider offering both a la carte services and group rates. For example, if a bride is paying for her mother’s hair, but not her bridesmaids’, a la carte services would work best. On the other hand, say you have a bridal party, where some women want to splurge for a massage or a deluxe pedicure, but others are unsure. Offering a discounted group rate might make it hard to resist.

When setting prices, also keep in mind the experience levels of your staff and whether services will be performed on-site at your location or off-site.

2. Create a bridal experience that flows from start to finish.

Knowing the three Cs—consultation, customisation, and confirmation—will help guide your bridal service planning.

Offering the Mrs-to-be a complimentary consultation should be a mandatory part of all your bridal packages. This gives your bride the opportunity to determine what services are best for her needs, while you learn more about her preferences and timeline in order to pamper her how she desires for the big day.

The consultation also allows you to introduce customisation, which is needed for any bridal consultation! By customising services specific to the bride’s preferences and budget, she gets exactly what she envisions, while you open the door for additional revenue opportunities for services needed prior to the wedding. And if there is ever a time for a woman to pamper herself on beauty services, it’s when she’s getting ready to say “I do”! Packaging items together will encourage her to opt for something she may not typically select, since this is no typical day.

Finally, make sure to get confirmation of the bridal booking; secure the appointment with credit card information and make your cancellation policy clear.

3. Stay on top of the latest bridal trends.

When providing bridal packages, you want to ensure you can accommodate every request, from the most basic to the most bold. Keep up with seasonal trends for the latest looks in bridal beauty. If you don’t have any staff members trained in a specific nail trend, for example, hire specialists to train your staff or send stylists to gain certification. This way you won’t find yourself disappointing a client when you tell her you don’t offer that service. Be prepared and don’t lose a potential client (and an entire bridal party to boot)!

Knowing these 3 tips will help you develop perfect bridal packages to suit all types of brides-to-be—from the most simple to the most extravagant. Being able to accommodate an array of style requests and budgets will bring you more (satisfied) clients and more dollars this wedding season—a win-win for everyone.

How to layer your makeup products for your best base yet

It’s all about the order…

Before you even think about adding a pop of lip colour or going nuts on the eyeshadow and eyeliner, the best makeup looks start with a good base.

And while there are no rights and wrong in terms of makeup application (your beauty, your rules) – if the order of products is confusing the hell out of you, get ready to be saved by our Elite Trainer EmmaJane Heatley, who has shared her guide to a glowing, your-skin-but-better, base.

Here, you’ll finally find out whether you’re meant to apply your concealer before or after your foundation, some easy contouring hacks and the prep steps you’re probably missing…


STEP 1: Prep

The most important thing to do in order to achieve a gorgeous, glowing base is to prep your skin thoroughly. “If you don’t moisturise your skin before you apply your makeup, it won’t sit as well, it won’t last as long and it won’t look as good”, says EmmaJane. And yes, even oily skin needs moisturising too.

“Best case scenario is to moisturise 10 minutes before you apply your makeup to allow it to settle on the skin.”

Quick tip: Apply your moisturiser and then do your hair or brush your teeth before moving onto makeup.

“When moisturising, really work it into the complexion and down the neck, and if you’re prone to any dry areas, add extra cream in those spots. Do this no matter of your skin type, because the makeup will combat any other dilemmas like oiliness.”


STEP 2: Prime & Glow

There are so many different types of primers, formulated to do different things. Here’s how to pick the right one for you…

“If you suffer from excess oil and open pores, a silicone based primer is best”, says EmmaJane. “Make sure it’s non-comedogenic so that it doesn’t block your pores.”

“My favourite is an illuminating primer – putting this under your foundation will give a long-lasting glow to your skin. For fairer complexions go for one with a silver undertone, deeper complexions go for one with a golden undertone.”

You should always apply your primer after moisturising, but before foundation. “Start in the centre of the face and blend outwards, and add more in oily areas (if you have any) as this will help to combat the shine throughout the day.”

Some people like to wait a few minutes for the primer to adhere to the skin, but EmmaJane says “you can apply your foundation immediately after.”

“Use your fingers to apply your primer as the warmth from your fingers will help to work it into the skin.”


STEP 3: Foundation

“One of the biggest mistakes that we tend to make with foundation, is that we apply too much, thinking that the more we apply, the more it will help to cover any skin dilemmas”, says EmmaJane. “Whereas actually, your foundation is there to even out your skin, and your concealer is the problem solver.”

If you’re currently using more than one pump of your liquid foundation, you may want to try scaling it back. “You can always add more but it’s harder to take back. Less is always more with foundation.”

“My favourite way to apply foundation is with a damp beauty blender as I find this gives almost an airbrush finish”, says EmmaJane. “Having it slightly damp means that the product doesn’t soak into it and there’s less wastage.”

Always start in the centre of the face and work outwards, and avoid applying too much around the hairline, as this can cause obvious build-up.

“Don’t forget to also blend down your neck for an even finish”, says EmmaJane. “If you prefer a powder, apply it in the same way but with a compact. fluffy brush and dust it on in circular motions as this gives a much nicer finish.”


STEP 4: Concealer

In case you aren’t already well acquainted, concealer is your best friend. “If applied correctly it can hide anything and everything; dark circles, redness, blemishes and hangovers.”

“You need two different types of concealer in your kit – a liquid-based one for under your eyes and a cream-based one for everywhere else”, says EmmaJane.

For underneath the eyes, go for one about half a shade lighter than your foundation, as you want this area to be lightened. Why liquid? “The eye area is 40 per cent thinner than anywhere else on the face, meaning that fine lines are much more visible in this area and a liquid concealer is less likely to crease”, says EmmaJane.

The cream concealer can be the same shade as your foundation, as it’s going to be used on the rest of your face and you want this concealer to act more like a camouflage. “Cream consistency is better for this as it’s more malleable and will bond to the skin without budging and will look more natural.”

“For the under eyes, draw a ‘v’ with your concealer, going from the inner corner of the eye, down to the top of the cheekbones and back up to the outer corner of the eye”. “This way, if you have any darkness in this area, the ‘v’ will cover it in its entirety.”

“Blend the concealer upwards towards the lower lash line using either a damp beauty blender or fluffy eyeshadow brush.”

Always apply concealer on top of your foundation so that you can target certain areas. If you apply it underneath, it will just move and be rubbed away as you blend your foundation.

“If the under eye area is very oily, feel free to lightly dust with translucent powder.”

When applying your concealer to the rest of your face, EmmaJane recommends using your fingers to create warmth and bind your concealer to your foundation better. But you can also use a damp sponge or a concealer brush if preferred.

“Apply the cream concealer only where you need it, and push it into that area to target the dilemma, then keep working it in until it’s seamlessly blended and looks like a part of your base”. “Layer if necessary, but focus on your blending for a smooth finish. Otherwise, it can appear patchy throughout the day if it’s just left sitting on top of the skin.”


STEP 5: Bronzer

Bronzer and blusher work in perfect harmony together. Don’t think that you have to pick one or the other, because they do completely different things.

“Bronzer should be used to give you a healthy, warm complexion, whereas blusher, gives you a pop of colour”, says EmmaJane.

Whether you use a powder, cream or liquid bronzer, the application can be the same for all.

“The quickest and easiest way to apply your bronzer, is by doing a figure of three either side of the face, starting at the forward, going down o the cheeks and then under the jawline”. “This will give you a soft, natural contour.”

Don’t forget to blend down the neck too, so that your neck matches your face.


STEP 6: Blusher

Peaches, pinks, and terracottas – the world of blusher can be a big one, but once you’ve found your ideal shade, application is easy.

“The quickest way to apply your blusher is by smiling and putting it onto the apple of your cheeks and blending it upwards towards the top of your ears”. “Less is more, and as long as you make sure the majority of the colour is on the apples you can’t go wrong.”

As well as shades, there are plenty of textures and formulas to choose form. “Powder is a great buildable blush, and you can get a variety of finishes from matte to shimmer. This texture also tends to have the biggest selection of shades.”

“Cream blusher is great for a dewy finish and works really well with liquid foundation”, says EmmaJane. “Lastly, liquid blusher is ideal for a natural flush of colour. Just apply to a blusher brush and buff into the skin.”


STEP 7: Highlight

Highlighting (when done correctly) is super effective. It can add structure and luminosity to your face instantly.

“The best place to apply highlighter is on the high points of the face”. “These are the areas that the light hits, which in turn makes the structure of the face stand out. Buff along the cheekbones and under the brow bone, down the centre of the nose, and on the cupid’s bow.”

Similar to blusher there are many types of formulas and finishes of highlighter. “Liquid can be a little tricky, but can look so beautiful”. “Try pressing it into the skin with your fingers and utilise it down the centre of the legs and highpoint of the shoulders too.”

“Cream highlighters tend to be sheer, which is perfect for an ‘inner glow’ that looks more like skin”, she says. “Again, blend with your fingers or use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to buff it in.”

As for powders, these tend to be the most intense types of highlighter with the most shades and finishes available. “They’re really buildable, and my favourite way to apply powder highlighter is either with a fantail brush or an eyeshadow brush.”

“If you want a super, high-shine glow, layer a powder highlighter over your liquid or cream highlighter.”



  1. Double-dip bronzer: Dust your bronzer across your eyes for an effortless eyeshadow look.
  2. Eye-light: Press highlighter onto the inner corner of the eyes to brighten.
  3. Don’t forget your face framers: Apply a fibre gel through your brows for a groomed finish.

Who The Frock Is Alices Review

MiniMi Treatment Review by Who The Frock Is Alice

My name is Ali Aka @whothefrockisalice you can follow me on Instagram here…if you’d like to.

So…have you heard about the MiniMi inch loss body wrap?

Well, I’m about to tell you all about it after my #gifted experience. I mean…if it’s good enough for @voguewilliams

On Sat past I went along to @littleluxuriesbelfast (a lovely little day spa on the Upper Lisburn Rd, Belfast) to avil of the @minimibodywrap kindly gifted to me by @thebeautyschoolireland.

This is a treatment designed to nourish the skin, improve the look of the skin (cellulite and stretch marks) and absorb deeper to target the fat cells, resulting in inch loss.

So after a brief chat about the process, the first step was to get my kit off. Well down to my underwear anyway!

My therapist then measured me at various points from my ankles to my chest and then my arms, recording each measurement on my chart. Eeeek!!!!

I was then given a brush down with a body brush to remove any dead skin and get the circulation going. This helps make sure the oil absorbs into the good skin.


The black marks you see here are permanent marker. This is so the second set of measurements are taken in the exact same position as the first.

Then it was time to apply the secret sauce. A specially formulated geranium infused oil that smelt divine.

Then for the comedy gold. My body was then wrapped in cling film. Nice and tight…a bit like spanx. Unfortunately I don’t have a full length photo of this to give you a laugh!! Limbs are wrapped separately, so don’t be thinking you’ll be bound like a Mummy and not able to move!

Then it was time to lie on the heated couch. Manouvering onto this was a challenge I have to say. Now, at this point you can be wrapped in a foil blanket. However, the idea is to be warm and NOT to sweat. The inch loss occurs when the oil reaches and punctures the fats cells. Making them smaller. Fat cells will never be fully gone. If you imagine a grape that then shrivels to a raisin that’s the easiest way to explain it. So any inch loss is down to this and not loss of fluid. Hence why you don’t want to be Sweaty Betty!

As I was already warm in the room I didn’t use the foil blanket because I feared I would sweat during the 45min I was required to lie there, so I opted for a towel and a normal blanket. After 45min the therapist removed the cling film with a pair of scissors. Now I’ll admit this bit did make me nervous! However, there were no injuries and once freed I was able to get up and leave my cling film armour behind on the couch.

Now it was time for the moment of truth. I can say that as soon as I stood up I could feel I had lost from my abdomen but I kept that to myself whilst my therapist got to work repeating the measuring process.

As I glanced at the chart I could see an inch here and half an inch there. When we got to my abdomen my therapist checked it twice before filling in the chart! 3.5 inches I had lost in this area alone. Wow, just wow and the best thing was…I knew it.

So when all was done and I was reclothed the overall results were totalled up and overall I had lost 12 inches. Mostly between my thighs and chest. I was both surprised (as I was a bit sceptical) and chuffed with this result as I’m heading off on holiday soon and the bikini fear is real.

This treatment ranges in price from salon to salon but should be between £45 to £65 depending on location etc. A course of 6 to 8 is recommended for maximum results. A list of approved salons and further information can be found on The beauty School Ireland website or by calling them on 0 2841 753900.

I’m told the results of this are permanent provided (as with anything), you go easy on the junk food and lead a healthy lifestyle.

It is recommend you don’t shower or sweat for 24 hrs after the treatment to allow the oil to continue working. Once fully soaked in it can keep working for another few days with possible further inch loss.

It’s recommended you also drink plenty of water afterwards as with any detox type treatment you may experience a headache and more frequent runs to the lav!!

This would be a great treatment to have prior to holidays, a special occasion or if you just feel you need a wee skin pamper and a helping hand shedding the inches. I definitely felt better in my clothes going out on Saturday night and my skin was in tip top condition too.

Thanks again for my treatment.


TBS are gearing up for Makeup & Beauty Awards

The Makeup & Beauty Awards 2019 sees the debut of a new class of quality talent in Northern Ireland. This brand new awards evening honours the exemplary work within the Makeup & Beauty Industry, across sectors including Makeup Artistry, Beauty Salons, Beauticians, Online Influencers, Nail Technicians and much more.

Held on Sunday 7th April at the fabulous Titanic Building, Belfast, the Makeup and Beauty Awards highlight and celebrate the incredible talent across Ireland. The decadent black tie awards will include a red carpet champagne reception, formal dinner, awards ceremony and afterparty dancing to the popular Sugartown Road Band

Nominations from the public have been received with the aim to recognise and applaud a new class of quality talent in Northern Ireland, celebrating the success and exemplary work within this thriving creative industry.

Hosted by Grainne, along with legendary Belfast Drag Queen Lady Portia, the awards will be taking place in the iconic Titanic Building, Belfast. The decadent black-tie awards will include a red-carpet champagne reception, formal dinner, awards ceremony and afterparty with an appearance from the popular Sugartown Road Band.

Grainne explained her motivation for the awards ceremony saying: “We’ve had huge growth across Ireland in recent years, and there just isn’t enough opportunity for them to be recognised and acknowledged. There’s an abundance of talented creatives not being recognised in the NI Makeup and Beauty Community and I wanted to shine a light on those people.

“The Makeup and Beauty industry is at its peak now. Professional work is often celebrated, but without recognition in the form awards. This is something that I am passionate about transforming – we need to ensure these artists and creatives are celebrated, just like those in other industries would be.”

Finalists have now been announced and feature a range of categories including Bridal Makeup Artist of the Year, Online Influencer of The Year – Makeup & Beauty, Theatrical & Media Makeup Artist of The Year and Makeup & Beauty Business Person Of The Year.

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20 x Enhance Mascaras worth £379

20 x Lash & Brow Conditioning Serums worth £399

Product value based on Enhance Mascara RRP £18.99 each and Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum RRP £19.99 each


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HD Brows wins Best Eyebrow Treatment Supplier

Over the last few months beauty professionals have been voting in their thousands for the training schools and suppliers in the beauty, holistic and nails industry who have really impressed them in The Guild Awards of Excellence 2019!

HD Brows have won the Guild Award of Excellence 2019 for “Best Eyebrow Treatment Supplier” for the FIFTH year in a row!

This is an amazing credit to the fabulous team and dedicated stylists who forever show their love for the brand.

You can also see the other winners here: http://www.beautyguild.com/Guild-Awards/