Nouveau Lashes Reveal Their Supernatural Side

UK based lash leaders, Nouveau Lashes, are set to innovate the market once again with their new, pioneering campaign ‘Super Natural’. The digital campaign will help increase awareness of the brand’s revolutionary treatments and products on a global scale, specifically their ground-breaking LVL (Length, Volume and Lift) lash treatment.

In support of Nouveau Lashes trained technicians, the campaign aims to increase awareness of the treatment and to support continued demand for their eyelash products and services. Targeting people interested in beauty and wellness using a variety of engaging social assets, treatment reviews and expert advice, global lash brand Nouveau Lashes will show you how to take your lashes from ‘natural to super-natural’ with LVL, the original and best lash lift. In as little as 45 minutes, you can swap mascara, maintenance and streaks for 24/7 lash perfection.

Bridgette Softley, Director of Nouveau Lashes said of the campaign “for many years mascara has been the hero of the make-up bag. I for one couldn’t live without it and it was this passion for the effect of mascara that set my business partner and I on the path to developing something that gave a mascara effect but that didn’t require the need to apply and remove it daily. Fast forward 10 years and LVL has become one of the best ‘not so secret’ secrets of beauty press, influencers and celebrities.”

Since 2006, Nouveau Lashes have pioneered the LVL treatment which has grown in popularity thanks to its surplus of fans. It is the ideal treatment for all lifestyles, be it the active gym-bunny with no time for sweaty makeup, the jet-setter who would rather skip the waterproof mascara or those who want a healthy way to enhance their natural lashes.

Loved by experts in the dermatology, optical and trichology sector for its gentle formula on the lashes, eyes and skin, LVL eliminates the choice between healthy natural lashes and dramatic next level lashes meaning clients really can have it all. Additionally, LVL is a regular treatment to both celebrities and many high-profile influencers such as the globally recognised Victoria from In The Frow (850,000 Instagram followers), who says “On the day that I finally booked in, LVL Enhance by Nouveau Lashes swiftly became my most favourite beauty procedure.”

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