Show your clients some love with these February salon marketing idea

New marketing opportunities come with every celebrated holiday. We’ve put together some February salon marketing ideas for you to celebrate the season of love.

“Businesses often forget about the culture, and ultimately, they suffer for it because you can’t deliver good service from unhappy employees.” – Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos

February salon marketing ideas to market your retail

At The Beauty School, we strongly believe that retailing surpasses a sales pitch and a payment. We have a tendency to put the importance on building trustworthy relationships with your clients and accurately listening to their needs and concerns.

Products & treat gift boxes

This is an effortless idea that you can carry out for the whole month. We are inclined to associate February with Valentine’s day, which can easily isolate clients who are single or feeling alone during that time of year. Promoting product gift sets or hampers to a wider target audience, you ensure that nobody is excluded. Sometimes just saying “bring a friend, sister, mother or daughter” or “treat yourself and be your own Valentine” is much more effective. Or offer ‘his & her packages’.

Marketing with samples

Everyone loves a freebie. The beauty of a sample is that you can target people who’ve already bought previous products, those who displayed an interest in your salon, as well as potential clients in your area. To ensure they return, give away something that becomes a part of their daily life, or provide samples of products that have a seemingly high value to make the offer more attractive.

Scratch cards are relatively easy to create DIY style (check it out here) and can really add that extra touch to set you apart. If you haven’t time to create your own, there are lots of companies out there who print these. So, what to do with your scratch cards? If you have 20 samples of Product A, 30 samples of Product B and 50 samples of Product C, you will have a total of 100 scratch cards. Giving a scratch card away to each client after every appointment creates fun and gives an element of surprise, but above all it generates 100 new opportunities to get clients using a new product or treatment on a regular basis if they liked the sample.

Valentine’s Day

Specific promotions and marketing ideas will work for certain salons. Many clients won’t actually be celebrating Valentine’s Day, since they might either have no interest in it or could be single. Therefore, it is key that we don’t assume this, resulting in isolating clients. It is important to include everyone. Rather than directing your salon promotions towards ‘date night preparation’ etc., sway towards the concept of ‘love yourself’, so all clients are able to benefit. 

Send your special offers by email & SMS

In addition to using social media, why not try sending campaigns by text or email. Be confident in letting your clients know what promotions you have on. In reality, you won’t get clients redeeming offers if you don’t promote. Simply search for V-Day email subject lines and V-Day SMS templates.

Random Acts of kindness

The simplest marketing idea is so straightforward… random acts of kindness! Go to the effort of saying thank you to your loyal clients. Treat them with a little gift, asking for nothing in return. This could be anything from 10% off their fee, an extra loyalty card stamp, extra time added to their treatment etc. The options are endless, but a little goes a long way!

Instagram Posts

Instagram is a fantastic platform to generate brand awareness and advertise promotions. It is also great for sharing inspirational quotes and thank you notes, as well as telling your clients how much you appreciate them, which will easily be mirrored in your online status anyway. Clients love to feel valued, and will be more inclined to review you 5 stars.

Team Building Activity

We strive for a balance and harmony between the mind and the body. Settling back into normality from the Christmas and New Year rush, why not organise a team bonding or yoga class with your salon staff to help reset and chill out. And on the plus side, it will bring staff together and solidify work relations for a successful year ahead.