Do lash serums really work?

Before you book your next lash extension session consider using lash serum because they actually do work.

There is a lot of talk online about different serums and the results you might get. They are difficult to decipher, but if they have the active ingredient that encourages growth they will work.

There is a catch though, this is what you need to know before you invest in one.

Here is the thing about lash serums, for the most part they are simple lash conditioners, they will moisturise and nourish hair.

Over time your lashes may well look stronger and longer from using them, but they are pretty much like conditioning the hair on your scalp, not much else is going on.

Lash serum that actually helps lashes grow thicker and longer all have an ingredient called Prostaglandin (like the one below), here’s how it works.

Prostaglandin was a part of medication for glaucoma patients originally, patients reported fuller, longer lashes after using it.

It was then used by a lash serum company along the lash line, and resulted in longer and denser lashes.

Because there are issues around the serums with this ingredient, there is a risk of stimulation of pigment in the eyes or eyelids. For this reason many serums are prescription only.  Of the brands you can buy online or in beauty salons, these contain a variant of a prostaglandin so no prescription is needed.

So they do work, but there is a catch. It’s straightforward enough, lash serums can take a while to show results, anywhere up from several weeks to months.

This is related to the rate of growth of the lash, the serum is applied at root level and the lash grows from there.

And the other thing is that you must continue using serum to maintain results, stop and your lashes will grow how they used to. That said, when you know you have to make a commitment at least you know you will get the results you hoped for.


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