5 Effective Salon Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday is season is busy for everyone – schedules are tight and emotions can run high. The best way to take advantage of the hectic season is to plan ahead. Think through how you can grow your business and help your customers look and feel their best, and use savvy marketing to keep your salon top of mind when it comes to gift giving. It’s not too early to get started! 

Here are five strategies that you can implement now to ensure that you get the most out of this holiday season: 

1. Develop your specials ahead of time and promote them everywhere
November is an excellent time to start promoting holiday specials. Busy salons can lose out on sales because so many clients wait until the last minute to get themselves looking their best for holiday parties and family gatherings. Make sure to promote your holiday specials everywhere, including your website, social media pages, newsletters and on any in-house displays. Encourage your clients to book early by sending a reminder via text or email that also includes your specials and add-ons. 

2. Promote gift cards
Your salon can earn a nice chunk of its annual revenue from gift card sales during this time of year. Your salon cannot afford to miss out on this kind of opportunity. Offering your clients the option of purchasing a gift card for a loved one can ease their stress when holiday shopping. Don’t forget to wrap gift cards nicely and promote them in email, on your social pages, on your website, and in your salon. 

3. Engage customers on social media
Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms to run holiday contests and promote seasonal specials. When running holiday-inspired contests, create a holiday bundle of products to give away or offer a free service. People love to win things and offering a prize  will encourage your social media audience to check your page out on a regular basis – which can help convert them into clients.

4. Give thanks to your clients and ask them for reviews
When it comes to marketing, your clients are your best bet to help spread the word. The holiday season is the perfect time of year to tell your clients how thankful you are for their business. This gesture doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate – you can simply order some holiday-themed cards to express your gratitude, or offer a small percentage off of a service. Showing how grateful you are to have their business may encourage them to write a good online review or motivate them to recommend your services to their friends and family. 

5. Share your best work 
The holidays are a chance to try something special and unique to stand out at holiday parties and family gatherings. This fall, hair colors reminiscent of a pumpkin spice latte have been popular. During the winter, pale shades of blonde and rich, deep brunettes are usually a safe bet, but iridescent hair color is a new trend. Don’t forget to share your most interesting work on social media and your website so customers can find inspiration and get reminded to book. 

Do you have any salon marketing tips that you would like to share? Contact us here.