The demand for Gel Nails remains

Such is the importance of this sector of the market that the guild conducted the 2018 gel nails survey to examine how the gel nail market has changed over the last year. Here, they reveal some of the key report findings.

According to the Beauty Industry Survey, there are approximately 50,000 salon businesses in the UK. A report from 2017 shows that 64.6% of these businesses offer gel nail treatments. This means that there are 32,300 salon businesses carrying out 8.62 treatments each week which total 278,426 treatments each week in the UK. This equates to 14.5 million gel nail treatments per year!

On average how long does a gel treatment last?

The average time was approximately 18 days.

Do you charge for soak off?

48.9% of salon owners charged for a gel soak off and the average price charged was £6.21.

Why do clients ask for gel treatments?

80.8% reported that there is no specific reason for clients asking for gel treatments which demonstrates that gel nail treatments have become a staple every-day treatment offered by salons.

What are the top attributes of a gel nail system?

A ‘good quality finish’ was rated as the main attribute to a successful gel nail system and taking second place was whether the gel used is ‘easy to apply’. They rated ‘low priced gel nail products’ as the least important to having a successful system.

Now’s the time to train!

The craze for gel nails shows no time in stopping anytime soon – now is the perfect time to enroll onto The Beauty School ‘Gamax Nails’ half day course. UV gel nails are perfect for clients who are looking for a longer lasting nail treatment than a manicure. Clients will need to return to the salon to have these removed, guaranteeing you repeat bookings.

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