Who The Frock Is Alices Review

MiniMi Treatment Review by Who The Frock Is Alice

My name is Ali Aka @whothefrockisalice you can follow me on Instagram here…if you’d like to.

So…have you heard about the MiniMi inch loss body wrap?

Well, I’m about to tell you all about it after my #gifted experience. I mean…if it’s good enough for @voguewilliams

On Sat past I went along to @littleluxuriesbelfast (a lovely little day spa on the Upper Lisburn Rd, Belfast) to avil of the @minimibodywrap kindly gifted to me by @thebeautyschoolireland.

This is a treatment designed to nourish the skin, improve the look of the skin (cellulite and stretch marks) and absorb deeper to target the fat cells, resulting in inch loss.

So after a brief chat about the process, the first step was to get my kit off. Well down to my underwear anyway!

My therapist then measured me at various points from my ankles to my chest and then my arms, recording each measurement on my chart. Eeeek!!!!

I was then given a brush down with a body brush to remove any dead skin and get the circulation going. This helps make sure the oil absorbs into the good skin.


The black marks you see here are permanent marker. This is so the second set of measurements are taken in the exact same position as the first.

Then it was time to apply the secret sauce. A specially formulated geranium infused oil that smelt divine.

Then for the comedy gold. My body was then wrapped in cling film. Nice and tight…a bit like spanx. Unfortunately I don’t have a full length photo of this to give you a laugh!! Limbs are wrapped separately, so don’t be thinking you’ll be bound like a Mummy and not able to move!

Then it was time to lie on the heated couch. Manouvering onto this was a challenge I have to say. Now, at this point you can be wrapped in a foil blanket. However, the idea is to be warm and NOT to sweat. The inch loss occurs when the oil reaches and punctures the fats cells. Making them smaller. Fat cells will never be fully gone. If you imagine a grape that then shrivels to a raisin that’s the easiest way to explain it. So any inch loss is down to this and not loss of fluid. Hence why you don’t want to be Sweaty Betty!

As I was already warm in the room I didn’t use the foil blanket because I feared I would sweat during the 45min I was required to lie there, so I opted for a towel and a normal blanket. After 45min the therapist removed the cling film with a pair of scissors. Now I’ll admit this bit did make me nervous! However, there were no injuries and once freed I was able to get up and leave my cling film armour behind on the couch.

Now it was time for the moment of truth. I can say that as soon as I stood up I could feel I had lost from my abdomen but I kept that to myself whilst my therapist got to work repeating the measuring process.

As I glanced at the chart I could see an inch here and half an inch there. When we got to my abdomen my therapist checked it twice before filling in the chart! 3.5 inches I had lost in this area alone. Wow, just wow and the best thing was…I knew it.

So when all was done and I was reclothed the overall results were totalled up and overall I had lost 12 inches. Mostly between my thighs and chest. I was both surprised (as I was a bit sceptical) and chuffed with this result as I’m heading off on holiday soon and the bikini fear is real.

This treatment ranges in price from salon to salon but should be between £45 to £65 depending on location etc. A course of 6 to 8 is recommended for maximum results. A list of approved salons and further information can be found on The beauty School Ireland website or by calling them on 0 2841 753900.

I’m told the results of this are permanent provided (as with anything), you go easy on the junk food and lead a healthy lifestyle.

It is recommend you don’t shower or sweat for 24 hrs after the treatment to allow the oil to continue working. Once fully soaked in it can keep working for another few days with possible further inch loss.

It’s recommended you also drink plenty of water afterwards as with any detox type treatment you may experience a headache and more frequent runs to the lav!!

This would be a great treatment to have prior to holidays, a special occasion or if you just feel you need a wee skin pamper and a helping hand shedding the inches. I definitely felt better in my clothes going out on Saturday night and my skin was in tip top condition too.

Thanks again for my treatment.